The Wigwam Story

It Started,in 1929, Like This...

Built in 1929 by O.J. and E.F. Gusdal, the Wigwam Restaurant has been firmly entrenched as a significant part of Clear Lake history.  It was the first commercial building to be built in this area and was named the Wigwam by Mrs.  Anna Gusdal, O.J.’s wife.  She named it Wigwam because she thought the way the rafters are structured, resembled the shape of a Wigwam.  O.J. was approximately 40 years old and E.F., approximately 20 years old.

A Wigwam refers to an oval or round bark-covered shelter used as a meeting place, and how apt a name, as the Wigwam has become a summer meeting place, not only for locals, but for people from around the world.  When the Wigwam first opened for business, it was operating 24 hours.

One of its more prominent guests was the legendary Grey Owl and some say you can still see the knotches left in the wall from his expert knife throwing.

The original intent of the Wigwam was to serve as a restaurant, but throughout the years it has also substituted as a dance hall, church, meeting hall, and barracks.  The Wigwam, now in its ninth decade, still serves up home-style food, as well as liquid libations.  Above all, it remains a meeting place for friends and maintains its friendly service and comforts of home.

In 1992, the Wigwam was designated a Provincial Heritage Site and has been undergoing extensive restoration work and renovations since 1993.

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